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AuTrain - Development of a certificated training course for "autism officers" plus an open online-platform for non-professionals dealing with autistic people

UMinho is part of a project team, which consists of experts in various fields from five different organizations from Austria, Greece, Italy, and Sweden.The AuTrain project aims to improve the situation of people with ASD. To this end, the project team is collecting comprehensive material on autism, its forms and characteristics in order to raise awareness of people with ASD. For this purpose, an online platform is being developed which contains information about ASD. In addition, the platform will contain all the necessary teaching and training measures that are necessary for the further education course “Autism Officer / Autism Officer”. This extended training is the main result of AuTrain. The additional professional qualification “Autism Officer / Autism Support Officer” will be accredited by an external body and ISO 17024 certified. The certification of the training forms the basis for the long-term sustainability of the project. Free access to the AuTrain platform ensures that all documents can be used by various organizations even after the end of the project.

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