Education Policies, Governance and Management: Education 3D-Democracy, inequality and difference

The research starts from the question: How is the school organized to democratize education?
Research issues explore the following objects:

  • The organizational model of the school

  • Diversities, educational policies, pathways and everyday experience

  • Formation of elites

  • Inclusive educational practices

  • School organization and differences: students' voices and experiences

The aim is to produce relevant scientific-social knowledge to understand social and educational nuclear developments (such as lifelong education for all) and relevant to action in socio-educational contexts characterized by multiple diversities.



- To describe processes of organized micro political action in school and non-school contexts towards the diversity of publics with implications for the democratization of education

- To tipify (national, supranational) educational policies towards diversity

- To clarify processes, factors, logics of action and partnerships that contribute to the construction of educational practices oriented to the diversity of the publics

- To apprehend school processes of formation of elites

- To understand students' experiences and perspectives regarding differences in school contexts characterized by multiple diversities.