Science Education for Sustainable Development

The Research Group includes researchers with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, namely of natural sciences (biology & geology, and physics & chemistry), mathematics and social sciences, who are concerned with the improvement of learning, teaching, curriculum materials, and teacher education in these areas, namely on a cross subject basis.

The activities carried out by the Group aim at:

- Uncovering individuals’ comprehension of and behavior towards socio-scientific phenomena in formal and informal contexts;

- Assessing the efficacy of teaching tools and approaches for their ability to foster active, responsible, sustainable and scientifically informed citizenship, as well as personal and social wellbeing;

- Evaluating teaching practices for their ability to prepare responsible and scientifically informed citizens able to cope with the challenges posed by their ever-changing technologically advanced societies;

- Understanding how to improve teacher education so that it fits better the XXIst century citizens’ interest and needs.