Helping Students with Learning Disabilities - Dyslexia

Main aims of the project are:• Adaptation of the curriculum developed in the frame of EUPALT project to kindergarten/primary school teachers, providing reliable knowledge on dyslexia as well as physiological (psychologists, psychiatrists) and educational consequences and the barriers faced by dyslexic individuals in accessing education and labour market along with ways of eliminating them.• Equipping teachers, tutors and others who have a duty of care towards dyslexic students with the ability to teach and support them successfully and efficiently.• Creation of a network of stakeholders at local and regional level for raising awareness about dyslexia and other learning disorders, for keeping the attention of decision makers and other relevant institutions about the negative impact of learning disorders on the course of education, training and employment of people.• Developing an active attitude in teachers and managers supporting dyslexic individuals as regards access to knowledge and the labour market.

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CIEd, Instituto de Educação, UMinho (PT)
Vinco (AT)
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European Education & Learning Institute (EL)
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