Maria de Lourdes Dionísio

Professor Associado

Universidade do Minho


My research interests are in language education, literacies in young and adult education, in academic and informal contexts. Disciplinary literacies and the pedagogy of multiliteracies is a current research topic in my work, adopting a sociocultural perspective on literacy I have been Principal Researcher in national research projects, among which: Changing Lives. Literacy in Adult Education (PTDC/CPE-CED/105258/2008) and Coordinator at UMinho of several European Projects such as ELINET (European Policy Literacy Network, European Commission, Contract No. EAC/S05/2013) or Ble*Teach - Developing a Blended Learning Course in Content Area Literacy for Secondary Teachers (E+/VG-SPS-NW-15-30-013892). I publish regularly in international Journals with international teams and I am a member of inumerous international editorial boards of scientific journals.