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Institute of Education of the University of Minho


Lifelong Learning

Integration and Advanced Training Program (PIFA)

The PIFA - Integration and Advanced Training Program, has several initiatives aimed exclusively at U&ID researchers and doctoral students (Winter School, EERA Summer School, Doctoral Conferences, Doctoral Conferences, Network Dialogues, CIEd Bulletin).

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Programa de Integração Avançada

Doctoral, Post-Doctoral and Visiting Conferences

Throughout the academic year, CIEd organizes conferences with Students, Alumni and Visitors, which are based on and focus on the presentation of research results from projects developed in the field of Education Sciences.

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Conferências Doutorais
Jornadas Doutorais

Doctoral Days

In pursuit of its objectives, CIEd values the continuous training of its young researchers. To this end, in partnership with the Doctoral Course in Educational Sciences, it organizes the Doctoral Days in Educational Sciences, aimed at first-year doctoral students on the Doctoral Course in Educational Sciences. This initiative is an important moment for sharing and debating the doctoral projects presented by the doctoral students during their academic career.

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Network dialogues

The Network Dialogues are information sessions, workshops and lectures that provide a moment for participants to share experiences and knowledge.

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Diálogos em Rede
Boletim Cied

CIEd Bulletin

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the creation of new forms of communication between the research center and researchers and, in this context, the first edition of the CIEd Bulletin was published in 2020. Since then, the CIEd Bulletin has been a vehicle for communicating, sharing and learning about the research of doctoral students new to CIEd.

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