Research Center on Education

The Research Centre on Education (CIEd) is a multidisciplinary Research Unit of the Institute of Education, UMinho, whose mission is to conduct educational research as a means of participating in the transformation of the lives of individuals and communities.

Since 1976, research conducted at the Centre focuses on children, youth, adults, and elder, in a variety of social settings and types of communities, taking into consideration the diverse cultural and social constraints and resources that impact on learning, envisioning that all citizens are equally prepared to participate actively and critically in the society.

CIEd's mission is guided by pivotal concerns such as: quality and internationalisation, impact and outreach as well as the training of young researchers.

CIEd’s goals and actions weave together to achieve CIEd superior mission: to ensure better learnings for better futures.


Research Groups


R&D projects, funded by national and international agencies, are the basis of the Center's research activity. They are developed by teams of researchers from one or more Research Groups of CIEd, and can integrate researchers from other national and international institutions.

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Ongoing Projects

Research Lines

CIEd’s mission and goals are achieved through the research work carried out by teams of researchers, clustered for the sake of disciplinary fields identity in three Research Lines.

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